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Writing an Online Dating Profile

When it comes to online dating, the most time consuming task youll be met with is writing an online dating profile. Try not to look at it as a lengthy, tedious project, but rather a resume for the future you desire.

If you were applying for an amazing job that you were perfectly skilled for, with excellent pay and superb benefits, would you write a short, complacent resume, or would you take the time to make sure your past experiences relay that you are the perfect professional for the position? Were going to give you some important tips for writing an online dating profile that will achieve the highest potential for results.

Online Dating Profile Tip #1 Dont Lie

Please, please (this is SO important!) dont lie about yourself. Theres no point in lying, because if you do manage to reel in a great match, what happens when they find out the truth? Dont assume that your qualities are not attractive. If you dont have a “perfect” body, or think 30 year olds get better responses than 40 year olds, youre fooling yourself. There are millions of people out there and they are all looking for something different. Lying only shows a lack of self-respect. If you dont respect yourself, no one else will either. Be honest, be confident in who you are, and your online dating profile will prove a lot more successful.

Online Dating Profile Tip #2 Dont Be Boring

Have you ever read someones profile and couldnt even manage to finish reading it before you backed out (or fell asleep)? A boring online dating profile will get no response at all. Take the time to think about who you are, what you are looking for, and why youve chosen an online dating service to find it. Dont be afraid to write a rough draft, either, and have a good friend look it over for edits and suggestions. Every published document thats worth reading starts as a rough draft and passes through an editor before hitting the shelves. Why shouldnt yours?

Online Dating Profile Tip #3 – Be Funny

Be funny, but not too funny A sense of humor is one of the most sought after characteristics for both men and women. If you have a good sense of humor, make sure it shines through in your online dating profile, but dont overdo it. Your sense of humor should trickle naturally into your online dating profile. If it seems forced, or overdone, people tend to think you have communication issues or the dreaded “inferiority complex”, and must use constant humor to keep peoples attention. Unless you are a professional comedian, keep the humor to a moderate level.

Online Dating Profile Tip #4 Avoid Excessive Verbs

So many online dating profiles read something like this: “smart, funny, attractive, kind, loving, romantic, etc., etc., etc.” Instead of flat-out listing all of the qualities you think you have, let them come through in your writings. If you are a smart person, your literary skills will relay this. If you are funny, your profile will be humorous. If you are attractive, let your photo speak for itself.

Online Dating Profile Tip #5 – Use Spell Check !

Dont simply type up your online dating profile and submit it. Take a little more pride in your work by running a spell check on it first. If the text-editing program provided by the online dating service (the box you type your profile in) does not come equipped with a spell check option, open Microsoft Word (if you have it), or visit a quick, free spell checking web site, paste in your text and fix any errors ( is a good one). Be sure to read over your profile for other errors, like punctuation, words that are spelled correctly but dont belong (i.e. see instead of sea, run instead of runs, jog instead of job, etc.). Grammar is extremely important when writing an online dating profile, and you dont want to come off sounding foolish because you didnt take the time to simply read over it. login
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