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When it comes to vacations, people in general have two options in mind: beautiful sunny beaches (like Hawaii, New Zeeland, Brazil…) or touring European on roots searching Adam4Adamn. The first one, a choice of whom just want to party and have a good time, or relax if anything. The second one is the option of, besides party raving and fun seeking, who’d appreciate to add up culturally, trade off cultural hints, soak in cultural aspects and not just basking under the sun of a God forsaken spot. Yes, the old continent offers all things show to entertain in a somewhat blasé blasé style. From the beautiful obelisk ridden Paris to romantic and charmingly Italy and to the low temperatures of Germany braved in a cozy chalet in the Alps, a lot to see and a lot to hear. And sun-seeking people take a bit of their busy time to visit the amazing Amsterdam, in the Netherlands of the Dutch merchants, a city of immense cultural diversity. A city of historical monuments and traditional architecture. But there’s other Amsterdam: the “Capital of Freedom”, where consuming certain recreational drugs is legal, prostitution is professionally recognized and tolerance towards the gay lifestyle dwells in every corner of its channel maze.

In fact, Amsterdam is known as the “Gay Capital of Europe” Adam4Adamn. Although many European countries defend gay’s civil rights to the extent of allowing marriage between same sex people, none of them is as liberal and lenient as the Dutch city. There are about 100 bars, clubs, stores and coffee shops directed and catering for open-minded leanings. Tourists find information posts to provide guides in that the best of gay nightlife. There’s a holyday called “Queen’s Day” (occurs on April 29-30) where dozens of gay parties take place in different points of the city, like the Drag Queen competition in Westerk, as the central region becomes an open fair of assorted products at low rates. Followed by the Remembrance Day, in memory of homosexuals killed during the Nazi régime, and the Liberation Day.

But there’s more. Plenty of options for frolics in Amsterdam, and not only shopping sprees. On the main drags, dazzling-wit functioning awaits open almost non-stop Adam4Adamn. Gay-friendly places, guess what – just like the whole city. Something in Amsterdam attracts people. It’s such contrast between the historical and the man made modern, resolutions given to the unique image of the Dutch capital. Tolerance and freedom of choice professed at their best, where everyone can be just what they want, as loved as especial for gays and lesbians. In some ways, Amsterdam reached what no other city of the world was able ever: the so- called “be yourself” philosophy.

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